Wine of the Week: 2013 Robert Oatley Great Southern Riesling

COUNTRY: Australia

REGION: Great Southern

VARIETAL: Riesling


You know what I love about Robert Oatley Vineyards? It's a family business. Three generations of Oatleys have been growing grapes and crafting delicious wines for more than 40 years. But they started operating as a business in 2006, making them one of Western Australia's youngest vineyards. Instead of me going on about the history and the family, watch the video below to hear Sandy Oatley tell the story behind Robert Oatley Vineyards:

From Malbec to Pinot Noir to Moscato varietals, Robert Oatley wines are unique because of the character that the Indian Ocean brings to them. Western Australian wines seem to be getting better and better as more vineyards produce and experiment. Robert Oatley is a great example of a Western Australian vineyard doing it all right.


This 2013 Riesling from Down Under drinks like a thinner, fruitier Chardonnay. What I mean is this Riesling is well-structured and its sweetness won't overpower you like others could.

It has a really nice nose—you'll get a whiff of fruits and freshly-picked flowers. You'll taste some acidity (not overpowering), peaches, pears and a little bit of honey. I'm sure if you open this up in 5-10 years, it'll balance out more and develop into an even more awesome wine.