Wine of the Week: 2013 Adega Pombal Arcan Albarino


REGION: Galicia

VARIETAL: Albarino


Let's talk about Albarino. If you are a novice white wine drinker like me, you may not have tasted it before. Those of you who enjoy drinking Sauvignon Blancs from France or New Zealand will likely find Albarino to be quite tasty.

Albarino (pronounced alba-reen-yo) or Alvarinho is a white wine grape typically grown in regions of Portugal and Spain. According to Wine Folly, 90% of the vineyards in the subregion of Rias Baixas, Spain are dedicated to growing Albarino. Rias Baixas is located on the southwestern coast of Galicia, Spain. The close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean gives Albarinos from the Galicia region their wet rock, mineral, salty undertones.

The citrusy aromas found in most Albarinos come from a group of aroma compounds called thiols. For any of you chemist nerds out there, thiols are the sulfur analogue of alcohols. 


The nose draws you in right away—full of flowers, breakfast fruits (melons and grapefruits) and ocean air. It immediately makes you think you should drink it while relaxing on a porch that overlooks any body of water. For us, that means drinking it while staring out into Lake Erie. 

The flavors follow the same pattern as the nose, with dominant influences of apples, peaches and crushed stone. You'll immediately pick up on the thin, fruity, acidic flavor profile. 

This is an aromatic, easy-drinking white wine that I think many of you will enjoy.


Pair the 2013 Adega Pombal Arcan Albarino with your favorite Indian or Thai dishes. Albarino's fruitiness will balance out any overly spicy dishes and the high acidity will match tomato-based Indian dishes like Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala or Tomato Fish Curry.