Wine of the Week: 2012 Bouchaine Carneros Pinot Noir

COUNTRY: United States

REGION: Carneros, Napa Valley

VARIETAL: Pinot Noir

Bouchaine Vineyards is the oldest continuously operating winery in the Carneros region, which is located on the southern edge of Napa and Sonoma Valleys. It is a privately-owned boutique winery that produces around 22,000 cases per year. The two young winemakers who now run the show at Bouchaine, Chris Kajani and Erik Goodmanson, are pumping out some really impressive wines.

According to Bouchaine Vineyards, 2012 was an ideal year for harvesting Pinot Noir. There were no frosts, and mild spring, summer, and fall seasons. During growing season, the moderately warm days and cool nights served Bouchaine's grapes very well. The result of 2012's favorable weather is a Pinot Noir that is vibrant and unforgettable.

I have to give credit where credit is due—Our good friends, Chris & Taylor Larry, introduced me to the 2012 Bouchaine Carneros Pinot Noir during a New Year's Eve dinner at their house. It just blew me away from the first sip on. I couldn't stop talking about it. 

Let's get into the wine....


The nose immediately catches your attention because the aromas are so inviting—you'll smell dark cherries, flowers, strawberries and a little bit of smoke from burning leaves (the kind that reminds you of a nice fall day in the northeast). Do you remember my raving review of the 2013 Competitor Cabernet Sauvignon? The Bouchaine has that awesome smell factor too.

The taste is sweet and vibrant, while also showing nice depth and complexity. It won't take you long to notice how smooth the wine is. You'll taste layers of blueberries, blackberries, and plums, along with this lingering taste of candied walnuts. Really delicious.

You can purchase a bottle (or lots of bottles) of the 2012 vintage directly from Bouchaine by clicking HERE. At $35 a bottle, it's money well spent.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!