Wine of the Week: 2010 Les Parcelles De Stephane Derenoncourt Haut Medoc


REGION: Bordeaux

VARIETAL: 65% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon


After a seven-month writing hiatus, I'm FINALLY back to reviewing wines. I've been traveling here and there, head down helping BoxCast grow, got married in September, and just bought our first house. For anyone who was enjoying the weekly wine posts, I'm sorry for not putting out any new content for a while. That long of a lag shouldn't happen again. The good news is I drank some good wines over the last seven months and I'm pumped to tell you about them.

Let's start by diving into the 2010 Les Parcelles De Stephane Derenoncourt Haut Medoc......

French wine buffs know that Stephane Derenoncourt is one of the great producers in the Bordeaux region. This guy has serious winemaking chops. Not only does Mr. Derenoncourt own an estate and make several wines in Bourdeaux and California, but he also works as a consultant for a few estates in Bordeaux. I was excited to taste this wine just because his name is on the label and I had read a fair amount about him in Wine Spectator and Decanter. 


This is a food wine through and through. It's a well-structured and well-balanced blend that drinks more like a Cabernet Sauvignon than a Merlot. You'll taste a lot of blackberries and cherries upfront, as well as some earthy flavors like wet dirt and garden vegetables that haven't been washed yet. Alone, those last two descriptors probably sound unappealing. But they compliment the dark fruits well and they actually bring some interesting character to the wine.

I really enjoyed it and I think you will too. Drink now (2016) through 2020.


When paired with the right foods, this Haut Medoc really enhances the dining experience. We paired this with Tim Ferriss' Sexy Time Steak and it was awesome. It's a perfect wine to pair with fatty beef cuts like rib-eye or New York strip. Add some roasted asparagus to your plate and you got yourself a great meal. Bon appetit!