Wine of the Week: 2010 Govone Cellar One Barbaresco


REGION: Piedmont

VARIETAL: Nebbiolo


There is something special about this wine. Barbaresco of this quality is usually not $20. This is a complete steal if you can find it. Barbaresco is made from Nebbiolo grapes, which are very dark-colored, tiny, sweet grapes. This particular red is considered high-quality because 2010 had the perfect amounts of heat and rain in Piedmont. It was a fantastic year to make Barbaresco.


First, you'll notice it's intriguing ruby red color upon first pour. It has a very tight nose, which might make you think you can't smell anymore. Seriously, this is tough for the schnoz to pick up. But swirl it around a bunch and you'll start to smell hints of raisins and plums. The flavor will surprise you too—way more floral and fruity than anything the nose suggests. Easy, light drinking in the late summer and fall. 


The word Nebbiolo comes from the Italian word nebbia, which means fog. True to its name, Nebbiolo grows very well in foggy conditions.