Hi there, Internet.

How the heck are you? I know it's been more than two years since I published a post on this site. I need to catch you up on what's been going on. As you can see, this online home received a much-needed facelift thanks to Squarespace. Welcome to the new and improved sambrenner.com! 

This first post is meant to introduce you to everything going on here: tell you about who I am, what content lives here, where to find that content, and why this site even exists.


I was born on 8/17 at exactly 8:17 a.m. That's my go-to fun fact whenever I'm in an icebreaker situation. My journey has been filled with twists and turns ever since that wonderful August morning in 1987, none of which I would ever change. I don't believe in regret, which means I embrace every peak and valley. You can find the longer rundown of my story in the ABOUT section of the site. Here's the SparkNotes version:

My name is Sam. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and now live in Cleveland, OH. I'm a professional marketer, lifelong dreamer, salesperson, musician, storyteller, sports fanatic and wine nerd. 


This site allows me to share my $0.02 about three of my passions: business, music and wine. Content about business, marketing, sales and emerging tech lives right here in the BLOG. Along with my written content, I'm starting to use public speaking opportunities as another avenue to share my thoughts. To keep up with when and where I'm giving talks, head over to EVENTS

If you want to hear some of my original music, click on MUSIC. The VIDEOS page within the MUSIC section will give you a good sampling of some of my live performances over the years. 

The WINE section is dedicated to my favorite adult beverage: wine. There you'll find tasting notes, food pairing recommendations, and plenty of stories. If you are looking for someone to stumble through a wine education together, I'm your guy. Each week I'll post a Wine of the Week that really stands out.

If you ever want to get in touch with me, head over to the CONTACT section of the site.


Why am I doing this? I have a lot to say. Many of us probably do. This site is my public-facing outlet—an online journal broken into three distinct categories.

I've always been a big believer in the power of value-driven, contextual content. Each one of us consumes content on a daily basis to either learn something new, be inspired or be entertained. And without sounding overconfident, I believe I can bring you value. Keep in mind that everything written on this site is just one humble man's opinion. But the goal is to create content you care about that is worth your time and attention.

I also launched this site to build a community. Hopefully this site is a catalyst for conversations about intriguing startups, business philosophies, emerging technology that is solving today's problems, music we love, and wines we enjoy drinking.

If you are passionate about business, music or wine, this is your kind of site. Glad to have you on board.

I promise to stay true to myself, remain thoughtful and practical, and never publish SEO-bait that has no soul.


Side Note: Since the site is brand new as of February 2016, I'd love feedback. Comment below, send me an email or Tweet me. I just want to know what you think of the site.