Sam Brenner can be described in many ways—marketer, musician, salesman, sports fanatic, wine nerd. Take your pick.

This site is Sam's outlet to create content and share his $0.02 about three of his passions: business, music and wine.


Sam has spent more than seven years honing his business skills in a variety of capacities. From his first outside sales position at a regional copier company to consulting his clients at a small digital marketing agency to leading an inbound marketing charge at a fast-growing tech startup, Sam thrives off the pursuit of greatness.

He serves as VP of marketing at BoxCast, one of Cleveland's most exciting tech companies. Sam was hired in September 2015 to build a scalable sales and marketing program that will help the company achieve its grand vision: to be the best live video streaming company for organizations in the world. His business mind is unceasingly curious thinking about the many ways to help BoxCast win big.


Sam is also a singer/songwriter. He's been pretending to play to sold out crowds since he was a little kid. When Sam was 12, his parents bought him his first guitar—an acoustic Yamaha FD01S. That gift was enough to fuel a big dream. Between 2011 and 2013, Sam pursued that dream with fervor and started playing his songs in clubs, coffeehouses and colleges all around the country. Thousands of miles, hundreds of shows, dozens of broken guitar strings and two albums later, Sam decided music will always be an important part of his life but it didn't need to be his full-time gig.

Sam has been fortunate to share the stage with talented artists such as Lifehouse, The Verve Pipe, Lee DeWyze, Steve Moakler, Andrew Ripp, Griffin House, Joshua James, Bushwalla, Barnaby Bright, and Brooke Annibale. 


Sam is enamored with wine and everything involved with it—the history, agriculture, industry, vineyards, flavors, food pairings, on and on and on. However, he'll be the first to tell you that he doesn't know enough about it. He's thirsty (pun intended) to learn as much as he can about wine and the wine industry. The first step to Sam's wine education simply came down to him tasting more wines. At the start of 2014, he decided to try 50 different wines from all around the world in one year. He documented every wine he tasted using the Delectable app. That was the catalyst he needed to further his curiosity. As he goes through the never-ending process of increasing his wine knowledge, he'll share what he learns. Together, you’ll learn (and drink) a lot along the way!

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