Hi there and welcome!

While I do like eggs, I rarely order them green. I’m more of an over easy or soft scramble guy.

If you smirked or chuckled at that lame pun, then you’re in the right place ;)

I am Sam Brenner and I live to make a lasting impact, whether that be as a husband and father, as a business leader that builds teams, strategies, and systems that drive results, or by creating and sharing music that connects with people’s hearts.

I originally created this website to be the digital home for my music. It used to be the place where you could see my upcoming shows, listen to my music, and look at weird posed pictures of me. It has evolved along with me over the years and now helps me communicate in my journey of education and improvement. Here you’ll find content on three of my key interests: business, music, and wine.

By day I am the VP of Sales & Marketing at BoxCast—a fast-growing live streaming startup based in Cleveland, OH. Thousands of organizations all over the world use the BoxCast platform to engage and grow their communities through the powerful communication tool that is live video. My years at BoxCast have given me my street MBA—insightful business experiences that accelerated my aptitude for management and leadership.

For me, the process of reaching a challenging objective is more enjoyable than reaching the achievement itself. I believe the process of growing is where the richest learnings come from. I love the journey. And my own journey of growth has been far from typical…


Fresh out of college, I started my career as an outside sales rep slinging copiers, printers, and document management software the hard way: cold calling. It was a grind, but making 50 phone calls a day and hitting the streets door-to-door eventually taught me fearlessness and how valuable the first 10 seconds of any interaction are. After more than two years hawking copiers and printers from Cleveland to Erie, I parlayed my sales commissions into recording my first studio album, titled Where We Begin. In the summer of 2011, I left my sales job and created Sam Brenner Music.


I love an audience. Always have. I’ve been pretending to play to sold-out crowds since I was a little kid. When I was 12, my parents bought me my first guitar—an acoustic Yamaha FD01S. That gift was enough to fuel a big dream. I pursued that dream with fervor and started playing my music in clubs, coffeehouses, and colleges all around the country. During my time on the road, I was fortunate to share stages with talented artists such as Lifehouse, The Verve Pipe, Steve Moakler, Andrew Ripp, Jesse Ruben, Lee DeWyze (American Idol winner), Griffin House, Joshua James, Barnaby Bright, and Brooke Annibale. 

Thousands of miles, hundreds of shows, dozens of broken guitar strings, and two studio albums later, I decided music will always be an important part of my life but it didn't need to be my full-time gig.


After transitioning my music from full-time career to beloved hobby, I worked as a consultant and business development manager for a digital marketing agency in downtown Cleveland. The agency gave me the opportunity to apply the tactics I used to sell copiers, albums, merch, and concert tickets to help small businesses grow. I quickly started managing a variety of accounts and reestablished the agency's business development arm.

At that time, there were a variety of terms being used to describe the "new way" of marketing online: internet marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing, etc. To me, whatever people preferred to call it, creating value-based content and distributing it online where people can discover it just made sense. It clicked for me. Knowing where consumer attention is, how to earn it, and what content helps sell a product or service became a focus for me.


I love wine and everything around it—the history, agriculture, vineyards, flavors, food pairings, on and on and on. However, I'll be the first to tell you that I don’t know much about wine. The first step to my wine education simply came down to me tasting more wines. At the start of 2014, I decided to try 50 different wines from all around the world in one year. I documented every wine I tasted using the Delectable app. That was the catalyst I needed to further my curiosity. As I go through the never-ending process of increasing his wine knowledge, he'll share what he learns. Together, you’ll learn (and drink) a lot along the way!